Tips on what to bring and how to 'behave'

First, ask for and follow your guide's advice, he /she knows the terrain better than you, even if you're a 'traveled' person.

-camera with a lot of spare batteries (at lodges you'll be able to charge them, on the rivers NOT)
-mosquito repellent, after-bite soothing balm
-a hat
-sun glasses
-a towel for camping, all the lodges are equipped
-a small mirror if you need one for camping
-a raincoat
-a water resistant bag for your technical gear
-an additional soft bag to pack the few things you'll need during the stay on the rivers, it's lighter and can be easily put anywhere in the boat.

-light, comfortable walking shoes (no heavy boots, you won't need them. The terrain is absolutely flat, it's hot and they'll only get you boiling feet. They make a lot of noise too ad it scares the animals off. A pair of sneakers are ok, better for riding too, boots have a profiled sole that can get stuck in the riding gear; in the boat you'll go barefoot ore with slippers, much more comfortable and practical.
-light clothes (sleeveless shirts, long-sleeved shirt, jeans for riding, light trousers for bushwalking and bermudas/short pants for boatrides)
-a warm sweater if it suddenly gets cold (during june-july the temperature can fall dramatically)

-personal items you think you cannot stay without, such as medicines, sanitary napkins, cigarettes, chewing gum, snacks, you'll not find them after having left Poconé. (at the only bar along the Transpantaneira and at some lodges there are small shops that sell some things, but don't rely on it).

Keep in mind one thing, travel lightly, you're there to enjoy nature not to show off your fantastic adventure gear. It will be more enjoyable for you and for your guide who won't have to break his back heaving up and down your heavy stuff on the jeeps roof at every stop.

Help out your guide with tasks as rowing, camp building etc.if you are physically able, and anyone you meet in need during your trip. Keep in mind that your trip is NOT more important than solidarity and good education.

Be respectful of nature and the local customs, leave a good will help those who'll come after you.

If you have other questions, contact me at:
somewhereinbrazil[at] (replace [at] by @)